The Book Lovers' Book Store

The Book Lovers' Book Store

Value and Service for Book Lovers

MindFair Books, with an amazingly broad mix of new and used books, serves academic and general interest readers and collectors alike, with a full range of services and a knowledgeable staff. Have a question about a specific book or can’t find what you are looking for? We would be happy to help you locate the books,whether in stock or to be ordered. Ask our store staff help or visit our AbeBooks homepage at to locate specific books that pique your interest.

Recycle Your Used Books

Used Books TradeEstablished in 2000, MindFair is a new and used trade book store with special focuses on literature and poetry, the social sciences, and arts and crafts. We are always interested in acquiring saleable used books.

We evaluate each book on a case by case basis to decide it’s selling price: we then offer 10% of the value in cash or 25% in store credit for used books in stock. If we think a book is rare enough to merit a value of more than $300.00, we will take the book on consignment, splitting the sale price with the owner on a 50/50 basis if and when the book is sold. For large, coherent collections, we will help with the removal of books from your home as we price them. There are some things we are not able to take, for example encyclopedias, romances, westerns, computer books, newspapers, and magazines.

For more information, please stop by or call at your convenience. We look forward to helping you downsize your book collection. Contact: Dick Riley or Krista Long