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Sometimes you just need some advice on laundry detergent, or how to a rip in your favorite jeans. Maybe you want restaurant advice or directions to the Frank Lloyd Wright house. Which plant is easiest to keep alive? It could be an adulting dilemma, like where do you go to pay a utility bill, or what are you supposed to do about parking in the winter. Whatever your question, the Answer Lady can answer it. Just look for her at the back on the store, she's the one with gray hair and a nice smile.
What plants can I put in my chameleon’s habitat?
This is one of the stranger questions I have ever been asked at Ben Franklin. It turns out that many of our common houseplants are perfect for a chameleon habitat: Golden Pothos, weeping ficus, schefflera aroricola, are three that we often stock. One big concern is removing pesticide and fertilizer residue, which should be done thoroughly before adding them to your enclosure. If you want to know about another plant that we have just ask the Answer Lady, she loves ALL your questions.