Great Things to Know about Ben Franklin-MindFair

Great Things to Know about Ben Franklin-MindFair
We are independent and locally owned and operated.
Your purchases help build a sustainable economy, support local decision making, build community, preserve our identity, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you time.
We discount all new books.
New books are discounted 10% to 25% off publisher’s list prices and we carry thousands of used and rare books.
We have a Frame Shop.
Our frame shop offers expert color and design advice and has hundreds of choices in frames and mats, including archival and sustainable products. Plus, you can’t beat our prices!
We offer a Senior Discount.
Every day is senior day at Ben Franklin and anyone 55+ is eligible for a 10% discount off regularly priced merchandise.
We have a piano!
You are welcome to play the piano anytime. Our gazebo in the center of the store is a great place to gather for readings, mini concerts, knitting group gatherings, or just a little rest and relaxation. Plus we have an open wifi.
Our snack aisle is awesome.
You are sure to find something interesting and delicious.
We offer delivery in and around Oberlin for customers who are home-bound, or have difficulty with accessibility.
Available weekdays for customers who pay by credit card or check. Free with a $10.00 minimum purchase. Please call 440-774-5711 and ask for Krista or Tree.
We have a Fabric Club.
Once you have bought 25 yards of regularly priced fabric, you can choose $10 of fabric free. No time limit.
We are open Sunday 11 – 5 throughout the year.

Ben Franklin Oberlin: A Brief History

Ben Franklin Stores were originally opened in the 1920’s and served many communities as the local general store, providing quality merchandise in a variety of categories at low prices. That concept has continued today at the Ben Franklin Store located in Oberlin, Ohio. While the Ben Franklin stores of the past were a chain, each store is now independently owned and operated.

The Oberlin Ben Franklin formally opened on September 26th, 1935, and was started by John Cochrane. Over the years, Cochrane Inc. opened a number of stores in Oberlin and the area. From the 1960’s to July 2001, the store was managed by Cochrane’s daughter Marianne.

Krista Long purchased the store from Cochrane, Inc in 2001 and has added to the classic variety store concept by adding new and used books, fair trade merchandise, and natural and sustainable products. While continuing continue to provide a broad range of merchandise for the budget conscious customer and the variety needed for local convenience, we strive to offer quality merchandise that meets the values of a green consumer. We also support local suppliers of honey, beauty products, maple syrup and other products.

This commitment to the local economy and the environment makes the Oberlin Ben Franklin an economically and environmentally responsible place for local residents and visitors to shop.